Tony Robbins explain that there is a reason why people do what they do and he has learned that the reason is guided by 6 human needs: 1) Certainty – this is the instinctive need to be sure where one is going, to know that a system is in place and things are in order. This, however, leads to monotony and eventually, boredom. This is why the second human need is 2) Uncertainty. There is a need variety and adventure, to explore, or do something differently every now and then. 3) Significance – the need for attention or perhaps, a bit of glamor or popularity. Social media is the fastest means but still prevailing as Tony Robbins observed is how people turn to violence to meet this need. Violence has a response rate of 10 out of 10. Other positive gestures to assert significance are commendations or a good pat on the back. 4) Connection and Love – significance does not build relationships nor does it build emotional connections. A smile is enough to brighten someone’s day, much in the same way a hug can both lift and hurt a person’s morale. 5) Growth and 6) Contribute beyond yourself.

Each person puts a value on these needs differently from each other causing them varying reactions. Some people say that the reason why they drink alcohol is because it relaxes them (find temporary certainty); some because of peer pressure (significance); while some don’t because they find it unhealthy (find permanent certainty). Understanding the reason or the emotion behind an action gives leverage to take action.

What are the top two needs you are focused on? What are some examples you can cite? What habits have you created to meet these needs? Are they healthy? What can be done to improve?



P.S. Check this Tony Robbins exercise routine to understand how he has so much energy.