If healthy weight gain involves purchasing more food, how can I gain weight without spending too much? Here’s how you can spend less to gain more.

For most of us, trying to gain weight means choosing healthy (and usually pricey) stuff, buying lean meat and protein shakes and enrolling in a bodybuilding gym. All of those cost money—lots of money—and if you are on a tight budget, that could be a problem.

How can I gain weight without ripping off my savings? And is that even possible?

Well, believe me when I tell you: yes. There are lots of nutritious, calorie-dense stuff out there that you can purchase for less than 2 dollars per pound. The key is in knowing which ones will pay off your every cent with healthy fats, carbs and protein.

Affordable food to gain weight without spending too much

1. Brown Rice

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to gain healthy weight is to eat rice with your meals. A cup of cooked rice adds 216 calories and 5 grams of protein to your meal. Choose brown rice or red rice for higher protein content and the extra benefit of fiber. Cook it as risotto, yang chow or simply as a steamed side dish to your tasty meat.

2. Whole Grain Pasta

Pasta is also a great source of carbohydrates and protein, and it’s relatively cheap. One cup of cooked pasta gives you about 180 calories and 7 grams of protein. Again, stick with the whole grain type for the extra benefit of fiber, minerals and sustained release of energy. Cook it with plant-based oil, garlic, chili flakes, parsley and cheese and you now have a delicious, calorie-dense and affordable pasta meal.

3. Canned Tuna

Canned tuna is one of the best sources of high-quality protein for you while you’re on a budget. A cheap, 12.5 oz pack of canned tuna will give you 365 calories and 80g of protein. In terms of preparing food, tuna is also a very versatile fish; you can eat it with rice, pasta or sandwich meals. If they are soaked in oil, just be sure to drain the extra oil so you won’t consume too much on fat.

4. Eggs

eggEggs are also a cheap and healthy source of protein. You can buy them cheap for a dozen that can last you for about a week. One large egg contains about 78 calories and 6g protein, with added benefits of vitamins A and D. Enjoy them not just for breakfast, but also as a convenient and healthy snack when soft-boiled.

5. Peanuts

You don’t have to set aside a huge chunk of your budget to buy bags of almonds, walnuts and macadamia. Go for the cheaper but nutritious alternative snack—peanuts. Half a cup of oil-roasted peanuts already contains about 400 calories, which is pretty much what you get with a similar amount of oil-roasted mixed tree nuts. Half a cup also gives you the benefit of protein, fiber, B-vitamins and magnesium.

6. Bananas

While most dieters are warned to stay away from this fruit; you can enjoy this sweet and delicious fruit as you try to gain weight. A medium-sized banana contains about 105 calories and 27 grams of healthy carbohydrates. Of course, banana is also known for its high potassium content, which you need to replenish the ion balance in your body after workout sessions. Eat 1-2 pieces after your workout sessions or enjoy them as a refreshing smoothie during afternoon snack time.

7. Extra Savings Tip: Cut on Alcohol

Gain Weight and Stay Healthy

While alcoholic drinks are quite calorie-dense, you wouldn’t like the kind of weight you’ll get from them. According to research, heavy alcohol consumption is linked to the development of ‘central adiposity’ or belly fat, which is a common risk factor for heart disease. That’s why heavy drinkers only get flabby bellies and not fabulous abs. By cutting your alcohol consumption, you don’t just get to avoid unhealthy weight gain; you also save up money to spend on more healthy food and beverages.

Gaining healthy weight and building muscle don’t have to cost too much money. There are a lot of nutritious, calorie-dense foods out there—you just have to be creative and equipped with the right information to learn how to add them to your diet.

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