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“Your Lake Charles story was an extremely well-done article. Thank you for highlighting a much-ignored and completely different Louisiana city that’s definitely worth visiting.”
S. Demarest, North Virginia

“Thank you for sharing your personal story about Pulmonary Embolism in the April 7 issue of the Naples Daily News.  Your article is outstanding–medically accurate, touching, and well illustrated.”
– Samuel Z. Goldhaber, MD
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

“My phone has been ringing off the hook – your article is the talk of the town.” A.M., Lake Charles, Louisiana

“When I read your story about your visit to New York City, I literally felt every emotion you described and the energy of the city. I could feel myself wandering the streets and popping in and out of cafes and galleries as if I didn’t have a care in the world.” A.C., Charlotte, North Carolina

Thank you to everyone who has mentioned or featured The Everything Family Guide to Budget Travel on your websites or in your stories. 


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